marți, 15 martie 2016

Why rude men have succes with woman?

If you're like me it is likely to have happened even once to look to a couple and desperately thinking something like:

"I do not understand what he sees in this bro !!"

Specifically talk about the situation where a girl seemingly rude super ok, you can know it and is completely in love with a guy who is an imbecile, gaudy dress, look like crap and wearing ugly with it.

I know it took me some time until I cleared the deal with situations like this and frankly I first explanation that came to mind was something like:

"Most likely women are attracted to bad boys!" - Just so I could give him some sense of the situation and it was creepy because I was not at all in that category.

The truth is that we have continued long to be completely intrigued by situations like that, at least until I began to study in depth the psychology of the couple and managed to understand a few basic things:

1. For each there is someone and most often women who are attracted to such behavior displaced are women emotionally immature.

2. In most cases those women who are attracted by peasants not perceive that they are insulted as an insult, rather they seem to have to do with men who are not afraid to express things they feel. Ironic, is not it?

3. March behavior "antisocial" and vulgar of Animals, most often, makes these women, they like to feel they have around them were men Alfa, very confident and they feel safe, protected.

4. If you feel attracted to a woman who prefers peasants, bison Bamboo or any bull communicate with collar of gold, means that often you better you become and you turn your one specimen or it's time to change how select and choose the women they want.

Just as new men seem to me that they feel attracted to the wrong people, ignorant, pathetic, vulgar, it is very possible that we might be attracted to the wrong people.

Unfortunately we men often have an external filter visually very strong and we tend to make a choice regarding women by their looks, personality and everything else related to them end up in the background.

Nobody is saying that you should not beautiful women, but it is important that you develop a good filter to get to know and select just the women you want.

If all your experience to know women in depth is limited to 3-4 interactions, it is very possible to get up to 20-25 years show that some women finger and make statements like:

"All women are materialistic!"

"Women want only money!"

"All are attracted to jerks!"

That's because not manage to feel really connected with someone and you try to justify your reasons why you are not attracted to beautiful women.

And yes, there are some women who prefer those men awkward, but as I wrote in my book Had a seductive He goes, your goal as a man is to get to know and you just women they want and deserve.

So often when you think women want you hanging out with the wrong men, it is possible that you actually inappropriate to want women.

duminică, 6 martie 2016

20 Texts Which You Will Not Fail for Valentine's Day

On February 14, we celebrate Valentine's Day. Take advantage of the fact that we are in the month of love and confess your feelings against those who stole your heart! Whether you want to conquer couple partner (perhaps it was cooler with you lately) or a man who feel attracted, but who does not have the courage to tell him anything, counting on the text below.

Here's what messages you will not fail to get the girls on Valentine's Day!

Texts to get a distant partner

If things did not go so well between you and your partner lately, do not hesitate and reconquer it. Messages below you will be a real help in this endeavor love.

1. I have learned over time that you have to be with someone you can not live without. That is you. I love you more and more with every passing day!

2. You're my best friend, my diary and my half human. It means everything to me, even if lately you have not really proved this.

3. If you had to choose between my life and the love that you wear, use the last breath I would like to tell you "I love you".

4. It is said that love is blind, but for me it was not so. When I love, I have not seen anything else out of you.

5. Let's celebrate together Valentine's Day! Let us remember the beautiful moments that we spent together so far. I love you so much!

6. I want to knock on the door of your heart to make sure they still live inside them. I'll let you go?

7. I want to raise a glass of wine for Valentine's Day. In honor memories, love the present and dreams that we have for the future.

8. I have two eyes that will see you, I have two hands that want to embrace you, I have two lips that will kiss you, but I have one heart that beats only for you. I love you!

9. Sometimes we are so caught up with the little worries that we forget the most important thing - love. I love you!

10. I love you because I banish loneliness in a world crowded and stressful. I love you because without you I find it hard and I can not find.

Posts conquering a man that likes secret
If a representative of the opposite sex plates secretly for special Valentine's Day is the time to declare your love. It is not so easy to open your heart before him, but you can turn to one of the messages of conquest below. And if things do not go exactly as you want, you can tell it was just a cute Valentine's Day message.

Messages of love

1. When I see you, I forget to breathe. When you hear his voice, my heart melts. And when you look at me, I feel like I lose my balance. Please catch me. I fell in love with you.

2. Since I first saw you, I whispered to my heart that we should be together. What you say? We meet Valentine?

3. I thought only of you lately. I think it's a sign that we must necessarily see. If everything is Valentine's Day, we should take advantage of the opportunity.

4. When are you do not know what happens, but all problems disappear. I think we should meet more often to find out what exactly is happening.

5. It's that special day of the year when hearts and flowers are offered to those you love. Be my love!

6. You entered my heart without want, without knowing when you can not drive out there. I need the antidote of love and I can find only at you.

7. Love is like an unexpected guest who'm not even knock on the door, but the dash in your soul without your permission.

8. It is impossible to tell the mind to cease to love when the heart continues to be in love. That happens to me and me to you.

9. The meeting with you was a sign of destiny. Our fendship was a choice, but the love I bear you no longer depended on me. Now you know how I feel and I hope you give me a chance to Valentine's Day.

10. Love is to think of anyone more times than you think you and me lately about this happening to you. Can you help me solve this mystery.

Choose your favorite from this list of text messages and send them to conquer it V day loved one. I will definitely be impressed by your statement that will not remain fruitless love!